Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Sustainable Discussion" - "Moveable Feast"

Over in the Learning Times Green Room (TM), a discussion about "'Lurking' in online classes" continues. Whether I like the connotations of "'lurking'" or not, that Green Room Comments space reflects neither class- or course-based organizational principles. So I have no qualms about coming and going there as time and interest permit.

Of particular interest, I find, in a return visit and review of recent comments, is an analogy of participation in online discussions as a form of respiration, inhaling and exhaling. I had glossed over that anatomical analogy in hasty previous readings. After another long, deep inhalation there, I exhale here as previously (
Learner-centered approaches challenge standardization).

Among those Green Room Comments also is speculation that "sustainable discussion" might be a new turn of phrase. However, I find that it has been around since at least 1996 (Google search) for discussion of sustainable environmental practices.

Yet it seems that there is room for reappropriation and redefinition of the phrase "sustainable discussion" with respect to online learning environments. So, why not give it another go, here or there - making it some sort of "moveable feast"?


  1. Hi Pab, I must admit your posts are quite challenging to me, more than swimming in them they get me to dive if I am to get any insight, and in diving there is no inspiration, exhalation exchange. To me it would be a better analogy (I insist upon the words: to me), noursishment, I must be hungry or in need of nourishment, I smell and have a quick look at the food and I eat, slowly, chew it, digest it and it takes a while before that food has become part of me (except for discharged information), got me energy and changed me in a way, moving me forward so I can integrate more food in a new mind.

    Your posts are really a good selection of food, dense, strong opinions and individual voice which I appreciate. THanks, It was a pleasure sitting at this table.


  2. Hi, maite!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and tucking in.

    Your analogies of nourishment, digestion, energy and sustenance are welcome additions to a shared table.

    I hope you'll stop by again soon, and share your thoughts on a draft teacher's blog plan that I've just posted:

    Draft Blog Plan for B4B Review

    Cheers, Paul

  3. Oops, something buggy about that cross-link! Here's the url:


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