Friday, February 02, 2007

Learner-centered approaches challenge standardization

In Thoughts on "Lurking" in Online Courses, an on-going Learning Times community discussion where I've been playing the role of a legitimate peripheral participant, Alan Sellig points out how, for virtually every educational stake holder other than learners themselves, learner-centered approaches challenge instructional standardization - especially for credentialing purposes (January 22, 2007).

I understand how technological approaches to educational endeavors manifest, perhaps by default, all kinds of IT standardization techniques. However, I don't understand why, in our enthusiasm or haste to adopt and adapt instructional technology, we don't recognize and remove as much of the IT industrial overburden as possible.

To do so could not only clear pathways, but also open broad avenues - perhaps even expose frontiers - conducive to learner-centered learning. In the weeks to come, I am looking forward to discovering ways that educational blogging might do just that.

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