Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comment on Best Blogging Practices from the B4B Blog

The following is a comment that I'm cross-posting from the B4B Blog entry on Week 4 - Best Blogging Practices (task 2). It reflects in part upon another less recent entry in Edublog Insights than I wrote about in a previous entry in pab's potpourri [link redefined, 2008.02.14].

Were I to be so bold as to assert knowledge of best bloggin' practices, I'd be stretching beyond my ken. Nevertheless, there are a couple things that sound good a mere 7-8 months into personal blogging.

First, I would like to reflect and perhaps re-spin Linda's suggestion... regarding how to treat learners' blogs. That seems to imply our treating their blogs with the utmost respect, as connected, interested and motivated learners, ourselves, who are focusing on emerging ideas rather than unrefined forms.

Second, since a number of preceding comments have focused on the second of the readings found on the B4B wiki
[Kathy Sierra, January 3, 2006; Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory], I'd like to bounce back to a point that immediately and memorably caught my attention in the first, by Ann Davis, a week or so ago when I had a moment to read it (and before I moved on to blog another of Ann's interesting posts):
Giving students a choice in making their own connections about their learning on blogs paves the way for blogs to be constructivist tools for learning. These attributes are compelling and powerful motivators that help us shape the pedagogy.

What Ann says about pedagogy still seems to resonate with my spin on Linda's suggestion (above), and sounds even more suited to educational blogging with adult learners - andragogy....

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