Friday, February 09, 2007

Rip, Mix & Burn "in Ideas" (Anne Davis on Ellin Keene)

Caught some good vibes reading into Edublog Insights, where Anne Davis reprises "Ellin Oliver Keene’s keynote at the TRLD conference." That's: Technology, Reading and Learning Diversity; I gather.

Continuing to sum up Ellin's presentation, Anne notes several strategies for enabling learners to "dwell in ideas... in the classroom", namely:
  • Clearing time for learners "to listen to themselves think and consider subtleties";
  • Modeling "how proficient readers frequently re-read and re-think portions of text... to explore [ideas] more deeply"; &
  • Teaching "about meta-cognition - thinking about one’s own thinking - and the seven most common meta-cognitive strategies."
I wonder whether a minimum of 10-15 minutes individual, reading-related blogging per day might help fill the bill. That is, to implement some of the seven strategies that Anne recap's:
  1. Connecting the known to the new;
  2. Determining importance, learning the essence of text;
  3. Questioning, delving deeper into meaning;
  4. Using sensory images to enhance comprehension;
  5. Inferring, finding the intersection of meaning;
  6. Synthesizing, discovering the contour and substance of meaning;
  7. Solving reading problems Independently [capitalization in original], empowering children to move from problem to resolution.
(Anne Davis, February 8, 2007; We Dwell in Ideas...)

Those metacognitive strategies go, I suppose, for adults as well as children.

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