Friday, February 02, 2007

Filtering and Journalling (LwC definitions)

Whilst scouting neighboring tribes in the blogosphere, I found a blog among MaryH's listings called Learning with Computers [LwC]: A community blog for the Learning with Computers Yahoo! Group.
What first caught my eye on that blog were a couple definitions posted there by one of MaryH's blog mates, which distinguish two different purposes of blogs:

The Filter Style Blog vs The Journal Style Blog (July 28, 2006).

In retrospective, those definitions makes this blog sound like a combination of both styles, a combination which I hope the blog title "potpourri" accurately reflects.

Although the LwC blog apparently has gone into hybernation (since October 2006), a comment linked to the filter vs. journal definitions (above) points out a typical filter blog that is still up and running, namely: The Generator Blog

Looks like some of the generators filtering through there are worth checking out. Two more generators have shown up since I started this blog entry!
LwC logo used with permission


  1. Hi!
    The LwC blog is indeed "hybernating" because it is kept for an online community which is mainly active from April to November... Subscribe to the blog to read new posts soon or, better, join our Yahoo! group and keep in direct exchange with us! We're a group of language teachers (mostly English) aiming to help other language teachers start integrating new technologies into their classes.

    Anybody with an interest in sharing and learning is welcome!


  2. Thanks for the invitation. I've joined the LwC Yahoo! group.

    Though I wondered whether the term hybernation applied synchronously in both northern and southern hemispheres, I used it to express hope that the LwC blog would reactivate. I look forward to new developments in April.

    Here, there, and elsewhere in the cybersphere, let's keep "sharing and learning."

    Cheers, Paul (Pablito)


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