Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pukman: Trying out beta slide shows

Pukman has been trying out online slide shows that he has produced with SlideShare (beta) and Zoho Show (beta).

Here is his latest go: Trying out Zoho Show. That looks buggy in both Camino and Firefox. In Camino, on the top page of Pukman's blog, slide one of the Zoho Show flashes on and off as I scroll down past it, but it doesn't display properly. Clicks in the display frame seem to advance to slide two (invisible) and beyond to: "End of Presentation. / Click here to start again." The two slides almost seem to be tucked under the top edge of the display frame.

A SlideShare presentation that Pukman modeled earlier works slightly better: 3 spots in Kumamoto. That seven slide show displayed after a while, as I painted the display frame with cursor rollovers; then the advance & replay buttons worked to display individual slides.

Hopefully slide shows are working better in students' blogs. If not, it is probably best to view the SlideShare presentations about Kumamoto that he and his students have posted in SlideShare proper (most of those you find with a search for "kumamoto").


  1. Many of the student presentations look pretty good in Blogger, though there is often a width problem. Interestingly, pasting the Slideshare-provided code snippet often fails once and then succeeds the 2nd time. In any case, although the embedding is pretty cool, the key thing is, I suppose, that a link of some sort is displayed in the blog.
    Incidentally, one thing I like about Slideshare is that each slide has its own URL. I wish Keynote and PowerPoint would allow some kind of slide-specific metadata.

  2. Slide-specific meta-data could enable educators as well as learners to rebuild slide shows from pre-existing elements, couldn't it?


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