Thursday, January 04, 2007

Moon Phase Module

Here's a moon phase module I've just tracked down through a blog that Rick had pointed out in a text chat during the last LTD Project meeting (Dec. 23, 2006). The blog he pointed out featured a vertically formatted version in the sidebar. Below is a horizontal alternative without JavaScript:


You can use the module for free, but must register first. There was bug in the code provided: no closure on the embedding tag for a description and view of the moon; but Blogger showed the problem when I tried to publish this post, and I was able to add a closing tag by hand.


  1. Cool tool?

    If you click on the pair of angle brackets to the right of the time, you get a choice of views: northern or southern hemisphere.

  2. Every time I want to revise the Moon Phase Module post, before I can save revisions, I have to re-include the end embed code in html view.

    I had hoped to include code for that end marker within quotations in this comment, but could not.

    In words, it's : left angle bracket, slash, "embed", right angle bracket.


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