Friday, January 26, 2007

B4B: One Stop Shopping

Food for thought:

All that I am really doing is putting together on single spot for my students to be able to access it quickly and efficiently so that they can expand their knowledge about certain topics we cover in class.

Blogging for Beginners
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  1. B4Bers and mod's:

    If you feel that representing a passage from the B4B mailing list on this blog abuses list access or violates expectations of privacy, please let me know soon, and I will undo it.

    If not, please feel free to share your thoughts on prospects of one stop shopping for learners in "small pieces loosely joined" (Weinberger, 2002) learning environments.

    Weinberger, David (2002). Small Pieces.... Retrieved January 26, 2007, from

  2. Hi Pab, I am amazed at the many gadgets in your blog. Is this your fisrt time blogging or did you have some previous experience.
    Your blog is great, anyway. I hope to come by later on to read your reflections and musings on blogging. Take care, Berta
    A Venezuelan in Toronto

  3. Hi, Berta, thanks for dropping by!

    A short answer to your question is, "No;" this isn't my first time blogging, but this is the first blog that I've more or less started myself.

    I made a brief go at joint blogging on someone's Drupal (?) site back in Aug.-Sep. 2004. I captured those posts in a Word doc. around here somewhere.

    Then I guess I did no more blogging till June 2006. I learned to upload photos through Flickr during a workshop across town, ... and picked up how to add a slide show after seeing one or more in B4B this January (2007).

    Cheers, Paul

  4. As I suggest on the B4B blog:

    The motives that K... expresses in Message #856 strike me as a primary rationale for educators' deciding to create and aggregate RSS feeds for the students with whom they blog.

    Blogging for Beginners [B4B]. (2006). B4B blog comments: Week 3 - RSS for Teachers


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