Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting ready for RSS

My mailboxes get filled by discussion board and mailing list messages faster than I can read them. Yesterday, I hastily reviewed and disposed of hundreds and hundreds of messages, in just two prefiltered mailboxes, culling only a few which struck my fancy. Even though I'd searched for, and previewed items in one of those mailboxes containing my favorite term, "collaborati," and had sorted messages in the other mailbox for posts by members whom I know and respect to preview, on threads that had already caught my interest; it was a long, tiring, unsatisfying, and largely unproductive process

So I'm planning to start making use of RSS feeds and aggregation technology to create several focused collections of collections of related source materials that I enjoy reading, and find useful (or potentially so) in my work. One collection will combine SCoPE scheduled seminar feeds, with Online Facilitation mailing list posts that usually go into the two mailboxes that I emptied yesterday.

The question is, where and how to put these together, for my own ease of reading and uptake. Elgg..., Safari...? Hmm. Perhaps that depends on where I will be most likely to view and digest them in a deliberate and timely fashion.

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  1. I gleaned these suggestions from ruwoldtp's Learning Times post: Specifically Blogs (Jun 20, 2006):

    Aggregating a number of sources means that when you start seeing similiar things popping up, maybe it is time to slow down and take a bit more notice. Don't read everything and look for trends. If you have not been able to do any reading for a while and it is unlikely you will be able to catch up, scan subject lines and mark all as read. Start again.

    Be prepared to remove feeds from your aggregator. Because they were useful once does not mean that they will always be useful.

    (retrieved June 26, 2006, from

  2. Here is the RSS feed for my CiteULike library:

  3. I am aware that the Blogger - Wikispaces linkage has gone buggy since Blogger revamped its services, and that Wikispaces programmers are working to re-establish linkages with Blogger's new services.


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