Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogger settings visited

  • Basic: - No
  • Formatting: Time zone - Japan [UTC + 09:00]
  • Comments:
    • Only registered users
    • Backlinks - Show
    • Show word verification for comments - YES!
  • Archiving: Weekly
  • Site feed:
    • Publish site feed - Yes
    • Article footer: Add some sort of Creative Commons license?
  • Email:
    • BlogSend address - [none]
    • Mail to Blogger address - [username] [- publish]
  • Members: Add team members - Option (by individual email invitations)


  1. I'll probably change archiving back to monthly (default), unless I start blogging here more than I have since launching potpourri.

  2. I've added a Creative Commons to a new page element at the foot of the entire blog.

  3. Yes, some time ago I changed archiving back to monthly. That makes the drop down menu shorter, and doesn't show week-long or longer hiatuses in Blogger blogging.


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