Sunday, January 12, 2014

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    • The software recommends lessons and performance goals based on an initial skills assessment. You can also repeat any lesson or typing exercise for additional practice
    • Other critical training tools include warm-up exercises to mentally and physically prepare you for lessons, and timed typing tests that last up to five minutes
    • The software also teaches you proper typing ergonomics in its first lesson. In fact, the software places such a strong emphasis on proper typing technique that it reminds you of proper positioning at the beginning of each exercise and frequently prompts you to take stretching breaks between exercises to prevent fatigue and poor posture
    • UltraKey provides versatile management controls for administrative users, such as teachers, employers and even parents
    • Bytes of Learning (UltraKey's manufacturer) informed us that the typing software is currently being developed to become entirely cloud-based
  • "「Gold Finger School 2010」が Windows 7対応にバージョンアップしました "

    tags: 日本 タイピング ソフト Windows

  • "IRIS holds data collection instruments from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. These include, for example, questionnaires about motivation, attitudes, learning strategies, and intercultural understanding; experimental teaching methods; classroom observation and interview schedules; teaching tasks; sound and video files; word lists; pictures for encouraging learners to use specific structures; language tests for different skills and types of knowledge… and many more besides" (Materials on IRIS, ¶1).

    tags: action research data collection instruments learning materials methods questionnaires repositories research second languages foreign languages

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