Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slideshare defaults new Account Type from default!

Slideshare apparently added new Account Type options to improve users profiles. A drop down menu at the head of Personal Information pages offers choices of Default, Company, Event Organizer, and four more. That's all well and good, if one of the types fits you better than the default.

The problem is, on first login since Slideshare's update, I found a hot-linked organizational name glaring from the top corner of the display, which opened My Slidespace when I clicked on it. Though the slidespace then announced "Hello, [+ username]!" at the top right, the "Welcome back, ..." message in the sidebar to the left still displayed the organizational name.

The work around to get back to me required:
  1. Opening the user profile page for editing (Edit profile),
  2. Switching the Account Type to Default, and
  3. Saving the changes.
Talk about a make work proposition for users not seeking to usurp an entire organization's Slideshare identity! Why is it that web site builders seem to think they know better than users do what users' identities and preferences are?

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