Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mendeley sync's ... [from] CiteULike

I've accepted an invitation to adopt Mendeley desktop and online bibliographic reference management applications, whose features Mendeley Research Networks summarize here. They work with Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows, as well as online, so you can use Mendeley just about anywhere. It was quick and easy to sign-up, and start a profile.

Academic research

The Import to Mendeley bookmarklet, found through a dismiss-able feature link in the profile sidebar, dragged and dropped sweetly into a biblio. folder in my Xmarks synchronized Firefox Bookmarks toolbar. The CiteULike Importer (Account Settings) set up was almost as dreamy.

I wonder how long it takes to get CiteULike references flowing [in-]to Mendeley, and how seamless sharing references with collaborators will be.

Addenda: Although adding spot-on articles highlighted by Mendeley at login was a piece of cake (shown first by field, perhaps filtered through new research interests), I've found no trace of previous CiteULike citations coming through to Mendeley over the past hour or so. I checked to make sure the CiteULike Importer connection was hot. Anyone know a way to release the backlog?


  1. Hi, thanks for the nice words about Mendeley. It might take some time until all of your CiteULike references show up in Mendeley, but if you continue to experience problems with this, please send a quick e-mail to support@mendeley.com and we'll help!

    (Co-founder of Mendeley)

  2. No worries, Jan!

    It is a pleasure to hear from you, and to let you know that, within a couple hours after I'd established linkage, my CiteULike entries all seemed to have propogated to Mendeley.

    Although detailed checking may have to wait till
    summer recess, I am quite pleased with all the Mendeley affordances I've tried so far.

    Cheers, Paul


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