Wednesday, July 08, 2009

AdSense promo blocked access to layout

I've been trying out new gadgets in the sidebar for the past few days. I got one to show blog statistics, thinking it might be useful on students blogs.

However, I was stuck with it in the top one-third of my sidebar because an Adsense promo was blocking access to the lower parts of the blog layout interface, in both Firefox and Safari (below). No scrolling available to get past it, even after refreshing page views.

I tried following the link to the Google Adsense interface, not activating anything, and navigating back to the blog layout interface, to no avail.

Finally, after closing Firefox, and firing up a new window, starting this post, and taking another look at the Blogger layout in another tab; the layout loaded completely, and showed the remainder of sidebar elements. However, in Safari, even after quitting and relaunching the browser, reloading and refreshing the page; the AdSense promo is still stuck there about 5.5 gadgets down a sidebar of 17, hiding 11.5 of them.


  1. Ahh, at long last, after quitting Safari and starting again, opening another blog, then potpourri, and then it's layout interface; the AdSense promo. quit blocking loading of, and access to the whole layout preview.

  2. As I stated in an update on a Blogger Help forum inquiry: "Attributing the blockage of loading, viewing and scrolling down Blogger Layout interfaces to an overlay promoting AdSense may have been an inaccurate or incomplete assessment of the problem, a faulty ... [attribution] of ... causes of the problem" to a symptom that has disappeared.


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