Sunday, February 10, 2008

Washable Flash Drives: Don't Try...

Believe it or not!

Flash drives (aka USB or thumb drives) may be washable. Use cold water, biodegradable detergent, and then air dry - thoroughly!

The possibility of flash-drive wash-ability captured my attention after my spouse found, in laundered garments, a flash drive that I had used (and still use) to transfer files between computers on which I use diverse Mac and Windows operating systems. This happened twice, before I cottoned on to the possibility of wash-ability.

However, I've put another thumb-drive though the wash more recently (check your pockets). Wash-ability seems not to be limited to particular devices. Although I'd like to rave about both kinds of drives that have survived washing, I don't have both in front of me now. So I'd just like to say:

Dont't try this at home, folks; I'm a flash-device-washing professional!

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