Friday, February 01, 2008

Recent Comment Feed on Your Blog

I've just added a "Recent Comments" RSS feed near the top of the sidebar on this blog. Since students can do it with little face-to-face coaching, and advice from their peers, I hope you all can, too. Here is a recipe for a feed to add to your blogger sidebar (via the Layout interface):

All you need to do to add a recent comments feed to your sidebar is:
  1. Replace "[YourBlogURL]" in the recipe above with your complete blog URL, starting with the "http://..." part;
  2. Open your Blogger Dashboard;
  3. Click on the "Manage: ... Layout" link in your Dashboard;
  4. Click on "Add a Page Element" link in the sidebar preview;
  5. Click on the "Add To Blog" button for the Feed tool;
  6. Paste in your comment feed URL; then
  7. Click "Continue" to fine-tune the feed settings!
Note: I added the "?alt=rss" bit to the end of the default feed [in the initial recipe, instead of ... =atom], because the add a feed tool in the Blogger layout preview [initially] didn't recognize the default [atom] feed address.

(Writing Studio Blog, Comment Feed Recipe...,
October 24, 2oo7)
It works with "atom" now, and seems to refresh quicker than with RSS specifications.

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