Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rogue Background Color: Twitches and Twiddles

A day or so ago, the color of the banner on one of my Blogger blogs, displayed using the same template as this one (as of date of publication), suddenly changed color for no apparent reason.

I was too busy to start mucking about with templates at the time. I still am, but the color is one that masks the title and possibly the subtitle of the blog, making them virtually unreadable - unless you squint your eyes (more) to detect minute differences in hue and tone between the rogue background and default text colors.

I've already saved the entire template of that blog to disk, Now I'm writing up this trouble-shooting report in this blog, which I've chosen for convenience as well as similarity of templates. The only thing I can find in the template that approximates the rogue color is:
name="titlecolor" description="Post Title Color"
type="color" default="#c60" value="#cc6600"
However, a preview after twiddling that color to FFFFFF showed no change in the banner background. So it's back to the drawing board. I'll try Blogger help....

Nope, there's too much info. to digest there, among help, help groups and cross-linked sites. So I got out the DigitalColor Meter (Mac OS X: App's: Utilities) and measured the banner background (RGB As Hex Value, 8-bit). It turns out to be 996600. However, that's nowhere in the template. Well, back to Blogger Help Center or, better yet, Help Group, I guess.


  1. The story continues:

    Though I abandoned plans to re-engage with Blogger help interfaces yesterday morning, because there was more than enough other work to do; I found this blog open in the background about ten hours later, and discovered the rogue color (996600) that I'd found nowhere in the template painted under not only the banner at the top of a page, but also the footer at the bottom of the page. So dismayed was I that I shut the Mac down and went home.

  2. The story ends, abruptly:

    Lo & behold! When I fired up the other blog that I have worked up using the same template as this one this morning, some 24-48 hours after rogue colorations of the wrappers on that one appeared, I couldn't believe my eyes. The muddled background of the banner was gone, and same for the end-matter. Has anyone seen large patches of 996600 (or other) extraneously colored backgrounds floating around?

  3. Alas, the story resumes again...

    The rogue background color wasn't gone, it was just hiding on the Home page, and not showing up on displays of individual posts. Moreover, there hasn't been a peep of a response from the Help Group in a week.


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