Monday, July 30, 2007

Food for Thought, e-Cobblers

Dan Balzar makes a provocative statement that inspires me to listen to a Green Room podcast again. He says, "You can't cobble together a bunch of little pieces, and that makes a good course" (Seven Revelations about e-Learning, The Green Room, Episode 28 [that's episode 28, regardless of the "38" in the URL], July 16, 2007)....

I've done, gone and listened again to find that Dan, talking about point number five, namely: how instructional elements can "get lost in translation" from one educational context to another; gives the example of "learning objects," which he concludes "have not been as popular as we thought they'd be." Well, I've alway considered the term "learning objects" an oxymoron, and never thought they'd be popular for adult learners, though perhaps they would be as work-saving devices for educators too busy to learn to craft, compose and contextualize their own educational materials.

After all, what can an object learn, anyway - or, more accurately perhaps, what educational roles might fungible digital parts suit?

Postscript: I've imported this post:Food for Thought, e-Cobblers; along with the all the rest of the posts, comments and labels in pab's potpourri to date, to the LTD Project Blog (2007.08.07). I invite you to continue browsing and commenting on posts and updates there.

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