Thursday, December 14, 2006

ODEO - Blogger Interplay

This post incorporates a RadioOpenSource program, Global Warming: Coal — It’s Cheap and Dirty (November 14, 2006), that I found at ODEO. Actually, I was looking for something else, "Is Global Warming Real? Climate Change and Our Energy Future," by Robert Dunbar (2004), but the program link to Dunbar's talk is defunct in ODEO (it is still available from the iTunes Store).

I created this post from an ODEO to Blogger uplink with an embedded player (above). ODEO to blog settings were easy in Firefox, even though the ODEO blog set-up interface doesn't display properly in Camino, and Blogger doesn't recognize ODEO as a secure interface, either.

To use the blog setting functions and generate automatically titled blog entries at ODEO, you have to register. However, registration may not be necessary if you just find a program you like, click the "Embeddable Player" link, and copy/paste the embedding code from ODEO directly into a draft blog entry.

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