Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sustainable community scenario

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Where Rick suggests various roles for member participants in WinK, that is, in a message posted within a less than public BaseCamp pilot, I find it impossible to respond with a picture. So I'm posting this here.

The illustration above is a [third] try to get at "other possible forms of participation and types of members" than just blogging learners and blogging teachers, which Rick suggests "might be a key to [community] sustainability" (Extending roles and styles of participation, November 29, 2006). A list of types might include core developers, founding members, volunteer or hired agents, facilitators, active blogging members, and possibly veteran commentators.

To suggestions regarding roles and styles of participation, I'd like to add one for a unified venue. I think that things are getting pretty twisted discussing WinK blogging and community development in a venue separate from WinK (namely BaseCamp), rather than unifying and consolidating activities, discussions and resources in one bloggable, community-friendly venue.

A unified venue, with searchable, feedable, public and protected components, might well minimize necessity of navigating back and forth, and transferring, transforming, or recreating bits and pieces from one venue to the next. At present WinK-related activity seems scattered from the blogosphere, to Rick's website, to Joe's wiki, to a BaseCamp project, and possibly to unseen glaciers, cirques, and summits beyond.

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  1. 3 December 15:43, at BaseCamp, Paul Beaufait said…

    Since the aim of WinK is to develop a blogging community, it would make sense to unify resources, discussions, and related activities in a community blogging or blog-supporting venue, something with automated and redundant back-up systems, wouldn’t it? I hate to see diverse and extensive contributions just vanish in a whiff of virtual smoke.


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