Sunday, March 19, 2017

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  • "The benefit for the average student is well understood, supported by research, and endorsed by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. However, it can be a nightmare for students with learning disabilities" (Tomorrow's Prof excerpt, ¶2).

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    • Paul A. Beaufait
    • Description     Unit Price  Fee  Conference
       Conference Participation      ¥ 7,000.00
         ¥ 7,000.00
    • Presenters must pay by 10th April to ensure their presentation is on the schedule.
    • People often lament that digital communication makes us less civil, but this is one advantage that online conversations have over in-person ones. We have a buffer of time and space between us and the people whose ideas we find so frustrating. We can use that buffer. Instead of lashing out, we can pause, breathe, change the subject or walk away, and then come back to it when we're ready
    • I know that some might not have the time or the energy or the patience for extensive engagement, but as difficult as it can be, reaching out to someone we disagree with is an option that is available to all of us. And I sincerely believe that we can do hard things, not just for them but for us and our future. Escalating disgust and intractable conflict are not what we want for ourselves, or our country or our next generation
    • we're all just human beings. That we should be guided by that most basic fact, and approach one another with generosity and compassion

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