Sunday, August 28, 2016

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  • Ambitious proposals not only for universities, but also for earlier English education.

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    • Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nhạ had said earlier this month that the ministry has created a roadmap to achieve the goal starting this academic year, and urged universities to improve their English teaching methods.


      He asked universities to apply the latest technologies in teaching English, teach students about the importance of globalisation and expand international links to promote the use of the language.


      He said students would be required to make all presentations and hold all discussions in English, while the staff would speak English at their meetings.


      The ministry has given specific instructions to the 61 universities and academies it runs to take the initiative to draw up teaching standards that match ASEAN standards.


      They would then be published to solicit public opinion before the ministry tweaks its education and training plans, he said.


      Other universities needed to review and report the challenges they face in making English the second language and suggest solutions, he said.

    • At the beginning of this year the ministry announced that English would be a compulsory subject from grade three onwards starting in 2018 as part of its foreign language teaching plan.


      English is currently only mandatory from grade 10 onwards.


      Under the plan, from 2018 students in grade three and above will have four English lessons a week.


      English is now only an optional subject in primary schools, with one or two lessons a week.


      The ministry reported that around a 10th of primary school students do not learn English since the country has a shortage of some 7,700 teachers.


      Besides, only a third of English teachers at primary and high schools meet teaching standards, according to the ministry.

  • Seven+ tips for rounding up students, including: 1) community building, 2) forum participation, 3) offering free trials, 4) conducting social media campaigns, 5) enhancing educational support offerings, 6) sending newsletters to mailing lists, and 7) amplifying sharing via word of mouth.

    tags: communities education forums free trials marketing networks newsletters social media support teaching

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