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    • Just as the curriculum can become a collection of courses instead of a cohesive and meaningful curriculum, the same may be true for blended learning when the approach does not provide the mechanisms and support to fundamentally redesign the student learning experience across the curriculum. 
    • larger concerns may relate to the lack of time, support, or incentives
    • Even though the examples of an institutional approach to blended learning are scarce, presenting best practices for blended learning only in the context of individual courses prevents constituents from grasping the larger institutional strategy.  Situating all specific course examples within the framework of the larger institutional strategy allows the rationale for blended learning to remain at the forefront of the conversations, as well as at the forefront of any specific processes and support mechanisms the institution puts into place.  Delving into specific course strategies should always be preceded by reminding constituents of the larger institutional strategy. 
      • Drysdale, J., Graham, C., Spring, K., & Halverson, L. (2013).  An analysis of research trends in dissertations and theses studying blended learning. Internet and Higher Education, 17, 90-100. 
    • Fink (2013) notes that the prevailing view of faculty work (teaching, research, and service) does not provide any "in-load" time for faculty to work on their own professional development around teaching (p. 222). Therefore, a critical condition necessary for the achievement of a blended learning institutional strategy is adequate time

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