Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Skill sets, passion, and imagination – "liberalizing education"

What the snippets below from "an extended abstract written for the TP eNewlsetter by ... Robert A. Scott" (TP Msg. #1064 The Modern American University: A Love Story) indicate is a niche if not a nexus or  need for "liberating ... [and] liberalizing education" (extended abstract, ¶¶ 19-20) in modern universities.
There is considerable evidence that many employers want graduates with particular skills such as accounting, but the vast majority of employers want employees with a broad set of skills, and abilities, more emphasis on effective oral and written communication, critical thinking and reasoning in multiple settings, and the ability to be imaginative across cultural boundaries.
At the same time, increasing numbers of students say they want to develop a “meaningful philosophy of life,” not just be “well-off financially.” They want to pursue with passion a path that leads to personal satisfaction and fulfillment as well as material comfort. In other words, they want a course of study that combines what employers want and what they want. 
(extended abstract, ¶¶ 10-11)
It seems to me, without yet having laid eyes on the actual story by Scott, that a short answer to the question, "Are we there yet?" might be for some students, sometimes, somewhat.


Scott, Robert A. (2010). The modern American university: a love story. On the Horizon 18(4), 294 - 307. doi:10.1108/10748121011082608

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