Friday, September 24, 2010

Sayonara, P2 - WinK Core

As noted on Sayonara, P2 - WinK Core, "a Vox Group acts largely independently of the individual blogs of the members of the Group" (2009.09.05, at 11:11). This bears out in endeavours to capture content from Vox prior to its imminent closure (2010.09.30). Although it has been possible to move posts from Vox directly to TypePad (How to move your Vox blog to TypePad, [n.d.]), and indirectly to a WordPress blog (see: Bloxi, in diagram below), such exports capture only posts by a single [blog's] author [or authors?]. Moreover, as almost all of ... [an individual group member's] WinK Core ... posts were private, they became drafts.

[Note: Various WordPress installations offer different options for direct imports ( Support: Tools: Import). If Vox isn't among your site's options, you'll have to improvise.]

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