Friday, July 09, 2010

Import from WordPress

Using an export file that WordPress generated in XML format (Dashboard: Tools: Export), and an online, WordPress-to-Blogger converter, I successfully imported a small number of posts from a WordPress blog to this one. Directions for importing posts and comments to Blogger are available here:
Since the number of posts I had on that other blog was small, and around half of them were notes about getting up to speed in a WordPress MU installation; rather than to republish them all automatically on this blog, I opted to republish only a select few by hand.

Though user content in the Blogger Help Forum indicated numerous problems (see, for example: query=import+data+Blogger), I encountered no glitches. The crux of the conversion may be file size; according to a warning on the Wordpress2Blogger conversion utility:
  • NOTE: This hosted application [that utility] will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB. 

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  1. When I said, "no glitches" in this post (Import from WordPress, 2010.07.09), that assessment was both hasty and mistaken. Comments that I'd corralled as spam on the WordPress blog, appeared anew in comments on posts that I'd republished here. I'd like to offer an apology to anyone who might have taken a hit of spam comments on a comment feed from pab's potpourri.

    Though the list of unpublished posts that I'd imported to Blogger showed numbers of comments in the Dashboard, I failed to detect reanimated spam comments among them. Although there may be no way to see comments in Blogger unless you republish imported posts, it is clear that comments I'd marked previously as spam rode along with the export from WordPress.


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