Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outline for Essay 1-02a: Curling


  • What sites are about; curling
  • How I found them; searched for rules and federations
  • Why I chose the one(s) I did: 
    • One on Canadian and one on the world associations, plus
    • A grab-bag of pre-reviewed sites
Canadian Curling Association

  • (Site map: FreeMind [export as JPEG or PNG])
  • History
  • Rules
  • News
World Curling Federation

  • (Site map: FreeMind)
  • History
  • Rules
  • News
Other websites of interest about curling

  • List
  • Features
  • Sections
  • Highlights

  • Summary of selections
  • Summary of highlights
  • Recommendations to readers
[100 words]

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