Friday, April 23, 2010

PABeaufaitBookmarks 04/23/2010

  • "Your 'Archived' Ning Network will not allow new posting or uploading, it will only be a copy of your Ning Network as of April 2010, so that it is available to all your members, preserved on the web, searchable, shareable, and fully readable" (What's the catch? ¶1),

    tags: archives, free, Ning, web capture

  • "You can export your members' profile information at any time from the Manage Members page This will generate a comma-separated (CSV) text file that you can open using a program like Excel. It'll contain information about your members, including their name on your Ning Network, a link to their profile page, their email address, the date they joined, their birthday, and their answers to all of the profile questions on your Ning Network."

    tags: backups, members, Ning, profiles, personal information, SNSs

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