Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brainless language defaults (Skype)

From a help link in an English, so-and-so-wants-to-contact-you web-mail message (Yahoo!), opened in Safari, on Mac OS 10.5.7, while operating in English in Japan; I got shunted to a Japanese language page automatically:
  • (emphasis added, pab)
Knowing just enough about URLs, and two-character country or language codes, I was able to read that troublesome URL, and figure out that the Skype site had probably read my internet location, and imposed a connection to the Japanese language page in the international users directory ("...intl/ja/...).

In this case, plugging in different language codes that I tried (en and fr) worked to over-ride the default, and made reading the page easier than it would have been in a third language. Thankfully, the Skype URL above was human-reader-friendly.

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