Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Computer Change-Over: Systems and Wares

Got a new Mac mini up and running, networked through a Time Capsule (1 TB) wirelessly at first. Now a PowerBook G4, my previous mainstay, is hard-wired to the Time Capsule. 

  • [Add details and illustration about here.]

I followed a colleagues advice, and started with the mini more or less as a blank slate, at least as far as file applications and documents go. I'll add or retrieve what I need as I need it. First of all, I sync'd Address Book, iCal, and Mail particulars from the PowerBook to the mini through MobileMe. I plan to continue to do so after archiving Mail folders and messages, and installing OS 10.5 on the Powerbook (6.5 GB required, 5.8 available on working partition). 

Applications and suites I've installed so far include:

  • iLife

  • iWork

  • Microsoft Office

  • Skype

  • Time Machine

Mmm..., not necessarily in that order, but that's about it. Next will be:

  • NeoOffice (done)

  • Foxmarks for Safari (done)

  • ... (a multiple clipboard add-on [iClip])

Then we'll see.... [I've embedded a spreadsheet (below) that I'll use to collect initial use dates, and perhaps to log use periodically, as in Tools, types of site, and such (2008.09.03), but it has disappeared {which may happen every time you open and save a document that includes html code for media} (2009.03.12).]

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