Friday, January 25, 2008

New Label Subsumes B4B

Yo! I've up and changed the labels that I use on this experimental blog. This post marks a turning point in the labels (or tags) that I use:


  1. Dear Pab,

    So you´ve been a blogger since 2006! I loved the zoom cloud widget and will try to get one for my blog as well. From a brief look at your blog I could see this is one I´ll definitely spend some more time reading and visiting. My favourite blog is also a potpourri of web trials, it´s MY playground. I´ll be coming here more often.


  2. Yes, Ana Maria,

    I've been on Blogger since 2006. Yet I really never considered myself a blogger until 2007, when I took part in the B4B workshop, and then started a blog for writing courses.

    Somewhere aroung the same time, give or take a few months, I got hooked on an Edublogs - Wikispaces connection. ltdproject is my handle there. Please feel free to call me Paul here or there.



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