Monday, December 10, 2007

JavaScript export from Freemind

  1. When I first tried to publish the outline from FreeMind in this post, Blogger identified two HTML elements in the XHTML (JavaScript version) export that I could could not use here: 1) title, & 2) stylesheet.
  2. After I'd removed each bit of the code automatically highlighted by blogger in HTML view, the outline appeared in all its colorful hot-linked glory!
  3. Now for a graphic.... Done (PNG export/upload).
  4. Only one other little problem, the Expand/Collapse links that I included at the beginning of outline didn't change the outline in this post when published; they opened new post composing windows, instead. So I removed them.
  5. I haven't figured out how to get a hotlinked mindmap (graphic) from the complete Freemind XHTML export into a blog page. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments.

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