Thursday, March 08, 2007

Selection and sorting of B4B blogs

The table below contains a roughly sorted list of blogs that I'd selected during the Blogging for the Beginners (B4B) Electronic Village Online workshop - by no means all of the blogs announced or featured in that six-week workshop. I've extracted the blog links from the B4B Blogroll on this blog, and will soon delete the blogroll.

The B4B blogroll grew too long, especially in addition to a long list of experimental blog post labels that I was trying out. I tired of scrolling, and lost track of why I had picked particular blogs.

Having had another look through all of the blogs selected, I'm re-posting the blog titles and links here to show a variety of ways that workshop participants, educators from around the world, approach blogging and develop blogs for learners and themselves. Since I've started a couple more blogs since the B4B workshop ended, I've added them to the lists.

As you review the blogs listed, if you feel one belongs in a different or new category, please suggest changes in a comment.

Courses, international exchanges & learner development

Educational technology & teacher development


An International Exchange

Blogging for Beginners


Bloggers Int'l (U of T)

Edublog Insights


Connected to the World

ELT Notes


Dear Students

ESL and Technology

On the Waters of Key West

Facilitating Learning

Jenny's Blog on Blogging

pab's potpourri

FCE Blog, The


pab's vox blog

Get Hip to Learning English

LTD Project Blog, The

Greater Expectations

Movie Reviews

In, out and away

One Teacher's Journey

Juvenile 3 podcast[s]

Puppets in Action

Learning English @ MEI

Ways Lead On

pcsi news

Writing with computers

Reviewers, The

Samba EFL Podcast

Writing Studio Blog, The

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