Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogger beta IS better; switch NOW!

Blogger Buzz points out "the new version of Blogger in beta," and suggests, "If you can switch to it (see requirements), you really should. The new version of Blogger is better in almost* every way, including reliability" (The Blogger Outages..., October 26, 2006).


  1. Though Blogger beta may be better at handling page layout, there are bugs in the topbar, which, for example, may display Japanese labels even though your language preference setting is English. Here, as with a number of other programs, services and systems, code-writers seem to be automating display and interface languages without regard for user preferences.

  2. Blogger beta is no longer beta. It is a new Blogger.

    Here's "a quick tour" introducing Blogger:

    Here's "what's new":


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