Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Threaded message view on topline mailing list

Recently, I've noticed that the topline mailing list at Yahoo! (R) Groups now features a threaded view - once you have a message open on the group site.

The thread view appears below the message itself in your browser window. You may need to scroll down to display it.

Message threads comprise a series of messages and replies to which an open message relates (for example, see Figure 1). They show replies, and replies to replies, in an inverted step layout.

Figure 1: Simple Thread - Three Related Messages
As long as you don't expand the messages, or sort them by date, any message indented below another represents a reply to the previous message.

If there are more replies than one to a given message, they will be indented equally; the message to which those replies thread is the first message up the list that is one step less indented (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Complex Thread - Changes of Topics

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  1. I realize that the crosslink to wikispaces at the foot of my "Threaded message view..." post doesn't work. I tried putting it in about the time that Blogger was entering another beta stage, from which it has emerged.

    However, it is taking a while for the developers over at Wikispaces to re-establish cross-linking functionality with the "no longer beta" Blogger.


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