Friday, July 14, 2006

Cross-Linking Blogs and Wikis

I've established an edublog for the Language Teacher Development Project. At present, it comprises a generic mission statement, and a comment about rate of development.

Two main reasons that I chose a free WordPress-powered edublog were: 1) the availability of a like-named wikispace linked to the edublog, and 2) a suite of captivating WordPress tutorials. The space is free, but you can limit access so that only you or subscribed community members can post.

Since linking the LTD Project Blog to the KEFL Wiki LTD Project Home Page [defunct link to KEFL Wiki removed (2006.11.10)], I've started developing more wikispaces, too - one for each of the courses that I teach. They are really easy to build and rebuild.

Wikispaces, in turn, support linkage to Blogger blogs, linkage which eventually will lead right back to this one.... It works: You can export blog entries to a linked wikispace, or import to the wikispace from a linked blog.

Last, but not least, the LTD Project blog now sports a ticker at the lower right showing recently reworked pages on theltdproject wiki. Removing the spaces in the wiki name fixed the connection!


  1. Cross-linking from Wikispaces to Blogger was a breeze. I've also successfully added both scrolling and static LTD Project Blog feeds to LTD Project Wiki pages.

  2. "Was a breeze" is the operative expression. Past tense marking makes explicit that the breeze was in the past. I have been unable to generate cross-links of blog entries in Wikispaces for quite some time, so long in fact that I cannot remember whether links to Wikispaces from Blogger dis-worked just as well.


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